Wildmetro Member Discovers a First for the New York City area!

      Wildmetro is pleased to say that a long-time friend and supporter discovered something interesting on our Superb Owl walk last week!  Below is a picture of the fungi commonly known as Conifer Parchment that Gary Lincoff, one of the world's leading mushroom experts, says seems to be a first record for the NYC area!  What a find!  

"Here’s our find of the day - the Conifer Parchment - called Peniophora gigantea in the Audubon Guide - now being called Phlebiopsis gigantea - occurs on branches of eastern white pine! - It was right next to the long-eared owl!!!" - Gary Lincoff
Photo credit to Gary Lincoff

      Make sure to stay updated and come out to Wildmetro events to be able to be a part of amazing new discoveries and opportunities like this in the New York City area!

Written by Jenny Cocciardi.

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